Cleaning is tough, be it your apartment, house or an office. You need a proper time to bring in the effect of cleaning results as it affects the performance of your employees. Cleaning also becomes necessary to avoid diseases like flu and other allergies.

carpet cleaning with vinegar


To meet the cleaning needs, often people have hired professionals for the job. However, if you cannot get your hands on the professionals for apartment cleaning in Cohasset MA, you need to learn the lifesaving cleaning hacks listed below.

Mattress Cleaning

Cleaning matters seem like an impossible task which is why many people skip on cleaning it. Well, escaping from a problem is not a solution. The longer you leave the dusty mattress unattended, the worse they become. Therefore, it is better to get it cleaned as soon as possible. You can buy a mattress cleaner to get rid of dirt trapped inside your matters.

You can also pour vodka into spray bottle mixed with essential oils for a pleasant smell. Allow it to dry completely. The vodka is available at cheap rates, so you do not have to go for expensive cleaning services.

Microwave Cleaning With Lemon Water

The food residue can spoil your microwave, and if not cleaned instantly, they can give you tough cleaning later. When a microwave is not cleaned in time, prepare yourself to deal with time-consuming and gross marks.

To get rid of those marks without any hassle, you can use lemons. Take a couple of lemons, and squeeze them in water. Heat the water a little and let that whole thing sit for a few minutes. Apply the mixture over the blocked residue so that the gunk and grease lining walls of the microwave can be removed.

Pillowcase Can Be A Great Duster

Though it’s not something you should be much worried about as cleaning a fan is one of the regular household cleaning tasks. Take a pillow cover and use it to remove the dirt trapped on its wing. When cleaning the fan, you may make your tiles dirty and need to look for tile cleaning service afterward.

Knife Is The Tool For Air Vents

Air vents are usually blocked because of the food particles that evaporate because of the exhaust fan. Well, one of the most common kitchen tools that can be used as the tool to clean the vent is a towel. Take a piece of a clean towel, moisten it with warm water. Now, cover the butter knife to create a tool for cleaning the vents, and improving the flow of air.

Use Wax To Pretreat Your Stovetop

If you are concerned about your apartment cleaning, the kitchen is the place that needs the most cleaning. Your stove is the part that is exposed to the maximum amount of dust and residue. To avoid that you can buff wax so that it may not stick to your stove. Before applying the wax, ensure that the surface is cleaned and there is no residue left behind.