A small bathroom with tight space can lead to problems with “Bruised hips” on top of the list. The one responsible for these bruised hips is often a corner of installed vanity. Showers installed in such tightly spaced bathrooms are also responsible for splashes of water all over the place.

Luckily there are methods to convert the old out of fashion toilets into a modern marvel with the help of these 10 designer tips.

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Now without further delay let’s dive into these amazing space conserving tips.

1.      Corner Sink

Installing a corner sink saves precious space in a tight space. It looks beautiful moreover provides all the functions of a regular sink, more if fitted on top of a vanity.

2.      Floating Vanity

The application of floating vanity is triple tiered. A sink on top, a drawer in the middle and space to place a few more items at the bottom. This design pattern efficiently increases the space for items to be placed inside the bathroom.

3.      Rounded Vanity

Say goodbye to those bruised hips and backs. A rounded vanity serves as an item that provides a modern look with the added value of not having sharp hazardous corners.

4.      Counter Over Toilet

This design allows you more shelving space. Instead of placing a tight cabinet at the top of a sink, all item can be adjusted on this counter.

5.      Large Scale Patterns

Large scale pattern tricks the eyes into believing the space to be much larger than it really is. The method is helpful if the width of the bathroom is much smaller as compared to length.

6.      Shower Doors

When it comes to the iconic walk-in showers it is better to get rid of the door. A shower door requires space to open and close. Precious space, which we do not have with a small bathroom.

7.      Expanded Mirror

A mirror from one side to the other serves an excellent purpose when more than one person needs to use it. A larger, longer mirror can be used by two or three people at the same time. That of course depending on the size of the bathroom.

8.      Towel Bar

Limited space makes people come up with a revolutionary idea. This is one of them. Mount a towel bar in the door, any door, bathroom door or shower door. Your choice.

9.      Trough Sink

Some designs never go out of fashion. Trough sink is one of them. The narrow design of a trough sink is a perfect fit for a small space.

10. Wall mounted faucet

Finally, using a wall mounted faucet conserves more space than it can be hoped for. Employee these tip and the result will be a perfectly functional bathroom that looks just as good.