There is no doubt about it. In an office environment, things get real messy real soon. Constant cleaning doesn’t help much since it is only superficial. Things might look clean on the surface and before you know it everything is covered in layers of dust. This happens because dust slowly and subtly settles in the carpets and regular use items.

The only way an office building can really call itself clean is after it goes through a thorough cleaning session. Hiring professionals to clean your building is the greatest gift you can give to your employees.

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When you choose to go with a building cleaning service Norwell MA, just leaving everything up to them is also not a good idea. They are charging for cleaning services and not for tidying up the office first. If they spend most of their time tidying up your office they will have less time for the actual cleaning.

In this blog post, I will be telling you 5 small tip on how to speed up the office cleaning service in an easy and fast manner.

1.      Move The Equipment On Your Desk

The first step in assisting the office cleaners is to take away all the extra items you have on the desk. You can easily place a pen holder, card holder, stapler and other items of the same categories in a drawer or a cabinet.

2.      Place The Chairs Properly

If leaving the chairs in a disheveled manner is a custom in your office then change it for this one day. Properly tuck all the chair in the right place when you leave. This will allow cleaner more space to work on the carpet and more space to move around.

They will be able to vacuum the carpet properly and the chairs will be in the same manner as they were left in, with the exception that the cleaners would have cleaned them as well.

3.      Take Away That Crockery

Well, we all like to eat and drink at our desk. Even if you are allowed to leave the crockery on desk refrain from doing it on the day of cleaning. Your desk without the crockery will show all of those round stains from the cups and plates.

They will be easier to find and remove if the table is free of items such as mugs and plates.

4.      Clean Up Those Papers

Having a desk filled with paperwork can be a nightmare for you as well as for the cleaners. If someone leaves a desk without taking care of the paperwork on it first, it can cause huge problems.

First, it will affect the cleaning and then it will affect the person who sits on the desk. When he returns he will find his papers all jumbled up but placed in a neat and clean manner. This is not because the cleaner was angry it is because the cleaner has no idea where all this paperwork is supposed to go.

And so instead of throwing away even a shred of paper, all the paperwork useless and useful will be placed together in a neat pile.

Make sure you take the proper step in preparing your office desk. It will make life easy for you and for the cleaner assigned to clean your desk.